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The Blue Hour: An Exhibition by Amy Hoi Ngan Hsiao

By Ronnie Vuolo

The blue hour occurs when the sun is below the horizon, having just set or being about to rise. Everything below the deep blue sky is suffused in blue light. Lasting far less than an hour, it is a time of great artistic drama - a drama that lingers in the mind’s eye long after the hour has passed.

And so it is with Amy Hoi Ngan Hsiao’s paintings. Just as the twilight sky shifts and changes before your eyes - so her paintings change before your eyes as you gaze. Look away and you may see something different when your eyes return. Her paintings lend themselves to an infinite number of interpretations, limited only by the imagination and experiences of the viewer.  

Here I see darkness settling over a landscape: grass and sand leading to an endless ocean - calm, clear, and translucent near shore, darkening as it meets the horizon. Above, the sky is alive with shades of blue and abstract movement. The next time I look I see dawn - the promise of a new day.

There I see a vast sky - turbulent and stormy - rising above a flat shadowed landscape. Strong winds blow thunderheads into threatening shapes, reminiscent of wind-whipped waves blown into spray. For those below, human and animal, it is time to seek cover. Yet there is a sense of peace, a quiet within the storm.

In another I see landscape and sky atop landscape and sky. Southwestern mesas under a golden-hot summer sky beneath storm topped craggy heights. Is it a rushing sand-filled river enveloping everything in its path or comets blasting across an expanse of golden sky?

And then there are textures, and more textures. I see color and my eye follows it into a fragmented landscape: the darkness of a forest leading to waters edge, distant dark mountains, a patch of lighter sky atop a barren hillside, my eye is drawn every which way amidst the complexity. Memories, bits of half forgotten places and scenery transpose themselves onto the scene. The white lines become highway lines or the beam of a lone headlight in the darkness. And I seek meaning in the textures. The answer, for me, is a sense of feeling, of a story, a mystery of indefinable interest.

That sense of shifting realities, limitless meaning, drama and mystery - linger in my minds eye long after seeing her work. Hsiao has captured The Blue Hour.   

The Blue Hour by Amy Hoi Ngan Hsiao will open on Friday, June 7, at Tioga Arts Council (TAC) in the gallery at 179 Front Street from 5 - 8 pm.  The show will run from June 7 - 29 during our standard business hours, which are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 12 - 4 pm or by appointment. This exhibition is sponsored by the Owego Rotary Club. Thank you, and join us!

Current Exhibition:   The Blue Hour  by Amy Hsiao

Current Exhibition: The Blue Hour by Amy Hsiao

Past Exhibitions  (photo:  Chapel by Jim DeLucia )

Past Exhibitions (photo: Chapel by Jim DeLucia)

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