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By Ronnie Vuolo

 “Glory be to God for dappled things,” begins the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem “Pied Beauty.” Dappled Things: An Exhibition of Gratitude is Annamarie Sullivan’s visual expression of gratitude for God’s beautiful creations, executed in oil on canvas and gesso board.  

While Sullivan’s style is realistic, her treatment of different images varies, lending a multi-faceted aspect to the exhibition. Modeled on a photograph taken by her son, Morning Moon: Flat Irons, Boulder, Colorado depicts a winter landscape in all its glory. The play of light and shadow on the snowfield, softened by a dusting of fresh snow on evergreens, lends a sense of stillness. Hay loaves lie buried beneath drifts, the air is crisp and icy, and the light of the moon is a blessing. Transported by a myriad of greens mirrored on the surface of a slow moving river in 50 Shades of Green, lulled by the heat of the sun and the low hum of insects, we savor the abundance of nature: beckoned to lay a blanket atop the soft grass, set out a picnic, and perhaps take a nap. Sullivan’s attention to detail and skill with brush and composition is apparent as she captures these perfect moments.

In comparison to the muted colors and sense of peace in her landscapes, Saturday bursts with color and bustles with activity, yet still manages to convey a sense of leisure. The farmers market is a familiar scene all over the country, when harvests are robust and bins overflow with colorful ripe produce. Here, realism is imbued with the artist’s personal style. You can feel the fresh dry dirt clinging to the potatoes and carrots, sense the ripeness of the tomatoes, and smell the scallions. Nature’s bounty is ever-present.

Dog Days leads us in a different direction. This is a greeting card scene, a picture of what one would like the world to be, far from trouble and strife - the nostalgic feel of young Mickey Rooney in an Andy Hardy movie. Here you have a cozy home with a gingerbread-style porch bordered by a well-tended flower garden, lace curtains at the windows, homey braid rug on the floor, handmade cushions on wicker furniture, and a dog awaiting the return of his loved ones. The feeling of love and family is pervasive.

Gratitude is an appropriate theme for the holidays and Sullivan captures it well. It is a theme also reflected in her decision to donate all proceeds to SUNY Broome’s Health for Haiti Project.  

  Current Exhibition:   Dappled Things

Current Exhibition: Dappled Things

  Past Exhibitions  (photo:  Chapel by Jim DeLucia )

Past Exhibitions (photo: Chapel by Jim DeLucia)

  Upcoming Exhibition:   George Lohmann

Upcoming Exhibition: George Lohmann