Shalene Chavez

Shalene became interested in creating natural home products and decor shortly after taking up knitting. Upon realizing her passion for textiles, she began the process of building her business at night after work. After creating her first collection of woven wall-hangings on a whim, the ShaleneLorraine brand was born.

With a degree in Graphic Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and a passion for handmade products, the building blocks were already in place for Shalene’s brand. Her unique and eclectic taste is reflected in each product, derived from a diverse family background with roots in Ecuador. With guidance from her mother and father, Shalene was raised to respect the earth, and bring out its beauty in everything she creates. 

Shalene's time living in New York City and more recently, Philadelphia, working for large name brands and companies has given her a wide range of exposure in the world of home decor and arts. She has been using her experience to build her brand and plans to continue making products for her websites.

Shalene's current project is building a website based on the idea that everyone has creativity within themselves. The concept is simple: readers submit DIY projects they need help with or don't know how to get started, and Shalene creates a blog post with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve that project. This allows people to be creative, while also giving them the confidence to make something handmade. No project is too big or too small (just don't ask her to build a house!) and she is open to collaborating with anyone and everyone. She has called it "make:do" and her website will be releasing very soon. In the meantime, she encourages all to email her with project ideas for her website

ShaleneLorraine website:

make:do website: (coming soon)