The Tioga Arts Council is committed to showcasing emerging and established artists in and around Tioga County. The exhibitions change on a monthly basis. TAC welcomes submissions from artists on a continuous basis. We are interested in all contemporary media including drawing, mixed media, painting, printmaking, photography, experimental media, sculpture, quilting, etc.


Views of a Happy Life: An Exhibition by Christine Capriglione

By Ronnie Vuolo

We are fortunate, we who live in this beautiful land, surrounded by rolling green hills, farmland, and meandering rivers. In her paintings, Christine Capriglione captures this beauty with a softness of light that brings a sense of peace. You can hear the sound of humming insects and distant birdsong and feel the summer heat upon your skin. We are beckoned to explore, stopping often to listen and look, to sit in the shade, letting the cares and distractions of daily life slip away.

It is a perfect day. I follow a meandering dirt path through forest and meadow. Rounding a curve, I come upon an ancient maple. Scarred by weather and time, it bears a hand painted sign announcing its status as sentinel of a private drive. I continue on my way, honoring its request for privacy.

I am on another path: this time through a farmer’s field, newly hayed. Golden round bales dot the land as far as the eye can see. Above, blue sky is studded with puffy clouds. I am in no rush and neither are they.

Now I am transported to a hillside estate overlooking a lake. It is the height of summer. Gardens bloom, and a vineyard stretched out before me. I stand beneath the shade of a tree that casts shadows at my feet. Green forested hills rise in the hazy distance beyond the lake. A glass of wine awaits.

On another hazy day, I stand by an old stone jetty on the banks of the Hudson watching distant sails dance with the wind. Waves lap against the shore, cicadas hum, and a breeze brings blessed relief from the heat of the afternoon. Old mansions and farms line these shores, and mountains rise in the distance. There are ghosts here – railroad barons, revolutionary soldiers, and scores of native Americans have walked this shore, watched these same waters, thought their private thoughts. And now it is my turn. 

Even with still-life, the artist blesses us with a sense of contentment and peace: Simple Pleasures. Ripe oranges sit atop a tattered white cloth next to a 30s era jadeite juicer, awaiting their turn. A small vase is filled with homey blooms. It calls to mind a simpler time, when the peace of home was not broken by the call of electronics and the intrusion of the world beyond. I think instantly of my grandmother’s home, and smile.

In Views of a Happy Life, the artist allows us a glimpse of what fills her life, her heart, her spirit. And what can also fill ours.


Views of a Happy Life by Christine Capriglione will open on Friday, August 2, at Tioga Arts Council (TAC) in the gallery at 179 Front Street from 5 - 8 pm.  The show will run from August 2 - 29 during our standard business hours, which are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 12 - 4 pm or by appointment. Thank you, and join us!

Current Exhibition:   The Earth Remembered Me  by   Donna Morgan

Current Exhibition: The Earth Remembered Me by Donna Morgan

Past Exhibitions  (photo:  Chapel by Jim DeLucia )

Past Exhibitions (photo: Chapel by Jim DeLucia)

Upcoming Exhibition:  Christine Capriglione

Upcoming Exhibition: Christine Capriglione