The Tioga Arts Council is committed to showcasing emerging and established artists in and around Tioga County. The exhibitions change on a monthly basis. TAC welcomes submissions from artists on a continuous basis. We are interested in all contemporary media including drawing, mixed media, painting, printmaking, photography, experimental media, sculpture, quilting, etc.


 One Dot at a Time

By Ronnie Vuolo

George Lohmann is a master at the art of stippling. Using dots to create form, shading, and depth, his ability to accurately depict minute details creates a complexity in sharp contrast to the deceptive simplicity of his compositions. By honing in on the essential details needed to convey the feeling of a piece, and eliminating the non-essential, he shares the beauty of his artistic vision with us. Unerringly leading our eye through each scene, often making use of large blank white spaces, the effect is dramatic and stunning. Each scene is imbued with a sense of stillness and peace. His work is beautiful, eye catching, and timeless.

A master of understatement, the simplicity of composition emphasizes the complexity of every tiny detail in Pine Cone and Chickadee. A lone pinecone dangles from a slender needled branch, a tiny bird perches on a twig hung with berries—every aspect captured perfectly by the artist’s hand against a backdrop of white. Further enhanced by his choice of textured paper, his artistic choices are spot-on, capturing in time the best of nature.

For Dusty Miller, Lohmann changes tactics, completely filling the surface with the silver-gray leaves and setting it against a solid black background for dramatic effect. Light and shadow play across the velvety softness of the leaves, their texture deftly captured by the artist’s pen. 

Moving from close-up to a larger view in Barn on West Creek Road and Maine Harbor, the artist captures the essence of two distinctly different rural scenes—farmland and seafront. Once again, knowing exactly what to include and what to leave out, he creates the maximum impact—the perfect statement. With skillful precision he leads the eye across each scene. Details of rustic buildings and evergreens play perfectly off large white areas of untouched paper, seamlessly melding land and water into sky. Once again, he has captured the sense of place perfectly. You are drawn into and calmed by the serenity of the moment. It is a gift.

 Lohmann, once an English teacher at Newark Valley High School, retired in 2006.  A 45-year resident of Berkshire, NY, he is a member of the Fine Arts Society of the Southern Tier (FASST), where he recently did a presentation on his stippling technique.

His one-man show, titled One Dot at a Time, will exhibit throughout the month of January at the Tioga County Arts Council, 179 Front Street, Owego, NY.  There will be a reception on Friday, January 4, 5:00 - 8:00pm. 

Current Exhibition:   One Dot at a Time by George Lohmann

Current Exhibition: One Dot at a Time by George Lohmann

Past Exhibitions  (photo:  Chapel by Jim DeLucia )

Past Exhibitions (photo: Chapel by Jim DeLucia)

Upcoming Exhibition:   Full Circle by Kevin Fahey

Upcoming Exhibition: Full Circle by Kevin Fahey