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Space Invaders Art - Mary McPherson & John Pidcoe

By Ronnie Vuolo

The concept of two artists working on the same canvas at the same time implies a sense of play and pushing the boundaries. The resulting variety extends to subject, style, color, media, and emotional content - a journey of discovery.

Every journey begins with a choice: what path to follow, what turns to take. Dreamlike and abstract, Roads reflects infinite possibilities. Beneath a yellow-green moon, swirling serpentine paths vibrate with energy and color: pink and purple, teal, yellow, salmon, and blue. Above, the night sky is alive with streaks of cobalt, emerald, turquoise, and navy, dotted with sparks of gold. Like restless ocean waves it flows, moving and shifting before our eyes.  

In some cultures, death is not the end of life’s journey - it is merely a change. Skull Woman brings to mind the music, dancing, and lavish pageantry associated with Dia de los Muertos, Mexico’s Day of the Dead. With her lush purple-black hair, sparkling wide eyes, and toothy smile, Skull Woman is anything but dead.

Celebration can take many forms, including a shared glass of Wine With a Friend.

Two glasses, one full - a rich burgundy/purple, the other reflecting golden light as it splashes into the glass. Set against a soft abstract background, it is as pleasing to the eye as to the palate - swish it around, sniff genteelly, take a tentative sip, and enjoy.

There is nothing tentative about the explosion of brilliant color that is Big Bird - a color wheel gone berserk. Huge golden-yellow eyes glare at us from beneath beetled brows atop a sharp business-like beak. The winged predator may be eyeing us up as a possible meal, but we are too transfixed to care. We turn away, we look back, we go home, and still we remember.

Predators, real and imagined, have captured the imagination of humankind from our earliest days. Since the 12th century, Norwegian lore told of the Krackin: a sea creature so large that its many arms could reach the tallest masthead or wrap around a ship’s hull and drag it under. It is the kind of spine-tingling story remembered from childhood, well worth a nightmare or two for the excitement and wonder, captured on canvas for old and young alike.

In the three-dimensional Tree, gnarled and knobby branches - rather than tentacles - dominate the canvas, wrapping around the edges, engulfing it. There is a sense that it will grow beyond the bounds of the canvas, enveloping the room, the building, the town, just as the giant trees of the Cambodian jungle devoured the ancient temples of Angkor Wat.

The journey is not over. There is more. You must see for yourself.

This two-person show, Space Invaders Art, will be ob exhibit throughout the month of March at the Tioga County Arts Council, 179 Front Street, Owego, NY.  There will be a reception on Friday, March 1, 5:00 - 8:00 pm. 


Current Exhibition:   Full Circle by Kevin Fahey

Current Exhibition: Full Circle by Kevin Fahey

Past Exhibitions  (photo:  Chapel by Jim DeLucia )

Past Exhibitions (photo: Chapel by Jim DeLucia)

Upcoming Exhibition:   Space Invaders

Upcoming Exhibition: Space Invaders